Special event insurance.
Relax. Smile. Celebrate.

Some of life’s most joyous moments happen at special events. Amazing memories are made and incredible moments are cherished. Make sure your event fulfils its special promise with insurance that manages your risk, and ensures you and your staff are properly protected.

Frequently Asked Questions


Exhibitors at tradeshows, craft shows, food fairs, festivals, flea markets, farmers’ markets, and more are often required to have specific exhibitor/vendor coverage. Contact us to ensure you have the proper coverage in place.


Aside from the “I do”, unexpected things tend to happen at weddings. We can provide customized insurance protection in the event a lawsuit is brought against an individual, organization, or company hosting this special event – with or without alcohol being served.


We offer specialized insurance coverage for a variety of national and provincial sports associations. Coverage includes liability, participant coverage, sports accident, property damage, as well as coverage for Directors/Officers and non-profit organizations.

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