Business & commercial insurance.
A sound investment.

We offer business insurance solutions that are as innovative, dynamic, and unique as your business. Commercial insurance packages are complex and can vary drastically from one business to the next. That’s why it’s important to consult with a Trigon broker and analyze your unique liabilities and coverage requirements.

Secure Your Success: Comprehensive Business Insurance for Every Step of Your Venture!

Retail Insurance

Insuring your retail business against fire, theft, vandalism, water damage, and more is a complex business.


We can customize a comprehensive office insurance package that suits the needs of your business.


While you’re working hard to ensure your customers and their vehicles are well cared for, you should also take care of your insurance needs.

Contractor Insurance

Contractor insurance gives you extra peace of mind, provides proper coverage for owned/rented/leased equipment and tools.

Restaurant INSURANCE

Restaurant insurance will ensure you have the right coverage to protect your business and investment.

Manufacturing INSURANCE

Trigon customizes your manufacturing insurance policy, effectively protecting your business against interruption, failure to perform, product liability, recall, etc.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability is becoming an increasingly important part of business operations.

Gym & Sporting Facility INSURANCE

Trigon’s brokers will protect you with a comprehensive insurance policy that ensures you have all your bases covered if the unexpected happens!

Personal Trainer INSURANCE

Our Trigon broker’s will do the heavy lifting building an insurance policy that’s right for you and your business—no sweat!

Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance

Sitting on a board of directors or being employed as an officer of a corporation, whether for-profit or non-profit, can be rewarding work, but it also opens you up to potential risks.

Mobile Vendor/Food Truck INSURANCE

The food truck craze continues to grow in popularity. Our Trigon brokers will help you determine your risks and craft the right policy.

Beauty Services INSURANCE

It’s only fitting that you want the same care applied to your business insurance coverage. Trigon’s brokers will fashion coverage that’s right for you.

Get a quick quote on Business Insurance.

Get a quick quote on Business Insurance.

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