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Why does it feel like the moment you get into a car accident, your auto insurance stops working for you? At Trigon, we’re here to provide you with auto insurance solutions that offer you the protection you deserve. Car accidents are stressful. Thankfully, with Trigon at your side, you’ll have less to worry about.

Stay Secure on Every Journey: Our Insurance Has You Covered on the Road!

Personal Auto Insurance

We provide personalized auto insurance with special discounts tailored to individual needs, including multi-vehicle, multi-policy, and various driver-specific benefits.


Customize your commercial auto insurance for optimal coverage and cost-efficiency, tailored to your business and vehicle needs.


Get specialized motorcycle insurance programs tailored to your riding history and frequency, ensuring your coverage feels essential, not excessive.

Recreational Auto Insurance

Get comprehensive liability insurance for your motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV, covering everything from collisions to theft and vandalism.

Happy retirees driving in an orange Thunderbird classic car


Get tailored insurance for your unique vehicle, whether it’s a classic, antique, or specialty. We ensure your prized possession is fully protected.

Get a quick quote on Auto Insurance.

Get a quick quote on Auto Insurance.

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